The Transport


in war effort

Photographs from
"Imperial Navy"
World War


Photographs from the book "Imperial Navy"1 World War

Rear machine gun stand of the Navy airship L 9,
in the hall in Hamburg / FuhlsbŘttel.


The destruction of the airship L2 17 October 1913
in Berlin-Johannisthal.

Completion L 31, 12 7. 1916th 6 Maybach engines 240 HP each.

L3 is pulled into the hall. Yard number LZ 24th Life 3 months.

Hangar with camouflage paint (forest and roads) which
to deceive attacking aircraft. Berlin-Staaken, 1915.

SL 11 SchŘtte-Lanz airship.
Control car is in the middle of the panel of
Bombing apparatus of the company Robert Bosch,
the left is the target device from Zeiss.
The right of the panel is the compass
and top left is the altimeter,
the top right of the barograph.


L 38 In a combat mission over England.
After a painting by Felix Schwormstńdt.
Gunner looks out. Get ready to fight. 1916


Enemy aircraft attack.
Machine gunner fired on.
Drawing by Zeno Diemer, 1916.

Panel of the electrical apparatus bombing, 1916.
To see the Zeppelin Museum Meersburg.

Rear nacelle of the Navy airship L 53;



         Wreckage of the airship and warehouses in Ahlhorn on 5 1. 1918 after the explosion and sabotage.

Fire bomb the naval airship L 39th.

Shooting down of the Navy airship page 21
Fell on 3 9. 1916 over Cuffley from burning.
The entire crew was killed.


Graf Zeppelin, Dr. Hugo Eckener (left) and
Lieutenant Commander Peter Strasser last visit
Count in North Woodstock, end 1916th
Count Zeppelin died on 8 March 1917 in Berlin.

39th crew of the L On 17 3. 1917 after an England attack
shot down in Compiegne on the French front.
Airship commander was Lieutenant Koch (center),
2. Already Schweym officer (left)
and the whole crew was killed.


Images of the launch of L 39 on the 17th of France 3. 1917