The Transport


in war effort

Photographs from
"Imperial Navy"
World War

Zeppelins of the imperial navy in the war effort

Effect of German air raids in Paris

Through a Zeppelin bomb factory destroyed
in Courbevoie, near Paris

By Zeppelin bombs destroyed buildings in Levallois in Paris


Table of the main types of Schütte-Lanz-airships

A Schütte-Lanz-accompanied airship
over the North Sea the cruiser "Great Elector".

England return from a trip
The air ships waiting on the landing
 Ahlhorner halls of their Vordermannes.
The ships are below black deleted
in order to find her by hostile
headlights more difficult.

L 11 on the battleship "Great Elector".
The airship was 1915 in Löwental into service
 and under the leadership of the frigate captain Victor
shooter on maritime patrol in the Skagerrak battle.
On 15.04.1917, it was transferred to
Hage Ostfriesland and scrapped on 24.11.1917.
Life: 2 years and 5 months.


The German airship "L 12" rose 12 noon on 09.08.1915 clock and threw 1 am on 10.08.1915 clock 25 minutes of the English town of Harwich 2,500 kilo bombs; hit by heavy defense batteries knickte the rear part of the ship, which seriously affected the manoeuvrability. The image was taken by another airship.

The imported airship "L 12!" In the port of Ostend
The daily in Ostend attacking enemy aircraft squadron receives "L 12" a direct hit and
burned to the skeleton, and only the rear part geknickte was spared by the flames.