The Transport


in war effort

Photographs from
"Imperial Navy"
World War

Pioneers of Zeppelin

From Dr. Eckeners American residence, on returning Lakehurst-Friedrichshafen did not participate, but the sub plot of Zeppelin-transport plans behind: Meeting of the German airship commander with the famous American flyer Charles Lindbergh.

The ocean flyer Chamberlin with his wife and the American Flyer Bertaud.
From Li. to Re. Chamberlin, wife Chamberlin, wife Bertaud, the flyer Bertaud, 19 06 1927.


 A rare admission, the wife Johanna Eckener
with her husband and her beautiful dog shows.
On 15 June 1928 in his villa
in Friedrichshafen, Eckenerstra▀e today.

Morning training at sea. Dr. Eckener Hogo
on board the yacht "lotus"
the large American industrialist Deeds,
with whom he discussed on 19 April 1931,
  on the establishment of new lines Zeppelin-negotiated.

Frigate Captain Peter Strasser shot down over London
at 05 August 1918

                     Lieutenant Ulrich Lehmann                Captain Richard von Wobeser